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Chair of Operations Management
Prof. Dr. Grit Walther


Transformation Paths to Sustainable Mobility

Duration:              2016 - 2024

Funding:               State North Rhine-Westphalia

Project Partner:  11 chairs of RWTH Aachen University



At the Fortschrittskolleg ACCESS!, which is under the direction of Professor Grit Walther at the RWTH Chair of Operations Management, eleven chairs of the RWTH University will carry out research within an interdisciplinary cooperation concerning the topic: “Transformation Paths to Sustainable Mobility” between 2021 and 2024. The scientists are taking into consideration both future technical and infrastructural possibilities as well as social demands and global environmental objectives. After focusing on the Ruhr metropolis and the Heinsberg district in the first funding phase (2016-2020), the research group will concentrate primarily on the Aachen city region in the next 3.5 years.

"The graduate schools link the engineering and natural sciences with the humanities and social sciences in an innovative way. Doctoral candidates collaborate early on with researchers in various disciplines and individuals active in civil society," said Minister of Science Svenja Schulze, explaining the aims of the funding program. Her decision was aligned with the nominations of the expert jury, led by Professor Armin Grunwald, head of the Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag, TAB. Aside from four other projects at German universities and universities of applied science, the RWTH graduate schools ACCESS! and VERBUND.NRW will each receive 2.72 million Euros.

Further information can be found here.