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Chair of Operations Management
Prof. Dr. Grit Walther


Integrating energy systems and supply chain optimisation for sustainable development: Decentralised, Energy-Leveraging Transformation of African Development (DELTADev)

Duration:             2021 - 2023

Funding:         Marie-S.-Curie Fellowship (MSCA-IF-2019, Individual Fellowship), Horizon 2020 Framework Programme


Project Description:

A considerable part of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is related to energy issues. However, many areas in Africa experience inadequate conditions for economic development and are energy-deprived. The EU-funded DELTADev project intends to develop a bottom-up strategy for rural development in energy-poor areas of Africa. The aim is to improve life in these rural sites. The project will insert energy systems planning into a broader sustainable development context by adopting various SDG targets as objectives. It will integrate energy systems with the optimal supply chain, providing a common model that allows drawing cooperative interactions. By combining the above objectives it will offer low-cost and scalable electricity access to promote sustainable development without foreign finance requirements.