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Chair of Operations Management
Prof. Dr. Grit Walther

EU 2020+ vehicle policy

SD modelling for EU 2020+ new vehicle policy - System-Dynamics Model and Customer Choice in post 2020 regulatory options

Duration: 2015

Project Partners: Ford AG, Ford Research Center (Aachen)



In order to evaluate policy options for a regulation of the CO2 emissions of passenger cars beyond the year 2020, a system dynamics model is developed. The model will include different political regulations in order to evaluate varying political scenarios. The work should provide a framework to assess manufacturer’s options. The model will provide a long-term concretion of CO2 manufacturer strategy and generate decision support data for technological portfolio planning, e.g. to support EU post-2020 products. Results will show the market diffusion of conventional and new, alternative drive train technologies depending on manufacturer strategies (e.g. release dates and price strategies) as well as political regulations. Furthermore, average fleet, life cycle and fleet-stock emissions will be estimated to analyse weather manufacturer decisions match the political targets.