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Chair of Operations Management
Prof. Dr. Grit Walther


Applicaton for theses

If you are interested in a topic (see list below), please contact the corresponding person via e-mail. In an one-on-one interview all detailes will be discussed and questions will be sorted out. Please attach the following information to your e-mail:

  • a current transcript of records
  • a current curriculum vitae


List of offered Theses

BTMethods for assessment of exogenous factors in forecasting algorithmsPfeiffer, C.
BTSzenarien für die Substitution von fossilem durch regeneratives Methanol auf Grundlage einer Netzwerksanalyse des Supply-Chain-Netzwerks von Methanol Wolff, M.+
BT/MTAnthropogenic Carbon Flow and Energy Analysis of products of NRW‘s Heavy IndustrySimon, B.+
BT/MTFeature Engineering - Methods and state-of-the-artPfeiffer, C.
BT/MTRecognizing handwriting using machine learningPfeiffer, C.
BT/MTModelling/Analysing steel production and waste streams in North Rhine-WestphaliaAbdelshafy, A.
BT/MTNetwork Analysis using GraphsSimon, B.+
BT/MTEcological evaluation of new recycling paths for plastics in the construction industrySchleier, J.
BT/MTSupply-chain optimization using P-Graphs in domain of circular economySimon, B.+
BT/MTForecasting with neural networksPfeiffer, C.
BT/MTState of the technology and the future of plastic recycling reg. CO2 saving optionsSimon, B.+
BT/MTSupply Chain Optimierung für alternative KraftstoffeWolff, M.+
MTAnalyse und Bewertung nachfrageseitiger Maßnahmen zur Steigerung der Ressourceneffizienz ausgewählter GrundstoffeSchleier, J.+
MTCircular Economy in Europa: Systematische Analyse von Post-Consumer Sammlungs- und Sortierungssystemen für LeichtverpackungenSimon, B.
Schleier, J.
MTDesigning a logistics system for collecting, transporting and storing biomass in NRWAbdelshafy, A.
MTDesigning/Analysing circular economy models for construction sector in NRWAbdelshafy, A.
MTA Novel Approach for the Electric Bus Transition Problem Combining Machine Learning and Mathematical OptimizationStadnichuk, V.+
MTEinfluss der Risikoeinstellung auf die optimale Standortplanung unter Berücksichtigung von AusfällenBecker, T.+
MTDevelopment of an optimization model for the design of a sustainable multimodal mobility system for companiesKlopfer, A.
Frank, L.
MTEntwicklung von Lösungsverfahren für das Generalized Orienteering Problem mit ZwischenstoppsBecker, T.+
MTIntegrating Customer Decisions into Mathematical ModelingStadnichuk, V.+
MTInvestigating the environmental impact and material intensity of cement products in NRWAbdelshafy, A.
MTLow-carbon cold chain optimisation for food waste reduction and income generation in low-income countries (Collaboration with University of Oxford)Trotter, P.+
MTÖkologische Gegenüberstellung der Nutzung fossiler Kraftstoffe und erneuerbarer, Methanol-basierter KraftstoffeWolff, M.+
MTQuo vadis circular economy? Closed or open-loop recycling of post-consumer glass wastes?Simon, B.+
MTSocio-technical analysis and evaluation of low-carbon food cold chains (Collaboration with University of Oxford)Trotter, P.+
MTMaterial flows and economic analysis of chemical recycling in plastic industrySimon, B.+
MTTechno-economic analysis of different bio-based productsAbdelshafy, A.

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