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Chair of Operations Management
Prof. Dr. Grit Walther


Applicaton for theses

If you are interested in a topic (see list below), please contact the corresponding person via e-mail. In an one-on-one interview all detailes will be discussed and questions will be sorted out. Please attach the following information to your e-mail:

  • a current transcript of records
  • a current curriculum vitae


List of offered Theses

BT/MT(Paid: in cooperation with Air Liquide) Analysing/Optimizing a hydrogen production and distribution system in GermanyAbdelshafy, A.
BT/MTAnalysis of optimization models for decision-making processes in social networksStadnichuk, V.+
BT/MTHidden Champions: A Literature Review of Forgotten Optimization ProblemsStadnichuk, V.+
BT/MTModelling/Analysing steel production and waste streams in North Rhine-WestphaliaAbdelshafy, A.
MT(1) Analyse möglicher Optimierungsmodelle zur Identifizierung geeigneter Infrastrukturabschnitte für Elektrifizierungsszenarien des StraßengüterverkehresWalther, G.+
MT(2) Ableitung von Markteintrittsstrategien durch einen Technologie- und Kostenvergleich verschiedener Elektrifizierungsszenarien des StraßengüterverkehresWalther, G.+
MT(Paid: in cooperation with Infineon) Global supply chain and lifecycle of semiconductorsAbdelshafy, A.
MTActor modelling of a CCS-networkBogs, S.+
MTThe Hazmat Transportation Problem under UncertainityStadnichuk, V.+
MTDesigning a logistics system for collecting, transporting and storing biomass in NRWAbdelshafy, A.
MTDesigning/Analysing circular economy models for construction sector in NRWAbdelshafy, A.
MTEvaluating the Reason of Social/Economic/Environmental Sustainability Failure in Supply ChainsHendiani, S.+
MTInvestigating Potentials of Biomass Carbon Removal and Storage for Reaching Climate NeutralityRütt, J.+
MTInvestigating the environmental impact and material intensity of cement products in NRWAbdelshafy, A.
MTDoes high-tech synthetic paper environmentally friendly? Walther, G.+
MTLCA/MCDA/Socio-economic assessment for different biowaste/biomass utilization in Germany (MA)Kern, J.+
MTSustainability Assessment of Polylactic acid (PLA) Life Cycle: A cradle-to-grave approachGüreli, N.+
MTOptimization-Based Analysis of Repurposing Natural Gas Pipelines for Hydrogen TransportationBogs, S.+
MTOptimizing Renewable Fuel Imports into the EUZardoshti, M.+
MTRegionale Transformation zur Klimaneutralität – Konzeption und Planung von Klimaneutralitätsszenarien am Beispiel einer Region in Nordrhein-WestfalenWalther, G.+
MTSuccess factors and challenges of Product Carbon Footprint calculation including Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissionsAdam, K.+
MTSystematic Pipeline Layout Scenario GenerationBogs, S.
Stadnichuk, V.
MTTechno-economic analysis of different bio-based productsAbdelshafy, A.

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